Columbia Hardwood - Chatham Collection / Timeworn

Columbia Hardwood - Chatham Collection / Timeworn

These premium floors are reminiscent of another time and place. From the authenticity of a floor made beautiful by years of distress and wear, to the personal, crafted elegance of a floor painstakingly finished with sculpted details. It's time to tell your story.

Our Chatham floors bring you the beauty and character of an aged hardwood floor that has experienced a century of use. Special finishing effects give the appearance of a floor worn to a perfect patina, and authenticity is found in the subtly contoured surface and lightly scraped edge. Available in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash, and Hickory.


Boardwalk Walnut / Engineered: CTW510F

Boardwalk Walnut


Dockside Maple / Solid: CTM514
                                Engineered: CTM514F

Dockside Maple


Antiqued Linen Ash / Solid: CTA509
                                      Engineered: CTA509F

Antiqued Linen Ash


Sunkissed Ash / Solid: CTA510 ( featured )
                              Engineered: CTA510F

Sunkissed Ash


Shoreline Ash / Solid: CTA507

Shoreline  Ash


Straw Hickory / Solid: CTH510
                           Engineered: CTH510F

Straw Hickory


Canoe Hickory / Engineered: CTH513F

Canoe Hickory


Sandpiper Hickory / Solid: CTH506
                                    Engineered: CTH506F

Sandpiper Hickory


Barclay Wharf Hickory / Solid: CTH512
                                          Engineered: CTH512F

Barclay Wharf Hickory


Chatham Construction

Chatham Info


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