Anything Goes! Green - Pride & Joy A181

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Putting carpet down in your house is one of the fastest ways to introduce comfort into your spaces. After all, there’s just nothing quite like the feeling of taking your shoes off after a long day and letting your feet sink into a luxurious carpet. Here at Ellegant Home Design, we’re proud to offer a wide range of carpets, like the Pride & Joy collection from Anything Goes!

This gorgeous carpet is the height of luxury, with a face weight of 53.60 oz./sq.yd. It’s available in a huge range of colors, from light and modern creams to rich and sumptuous burgundies. Best of all, the Pride & Joy collection scores a 4.0 in the Hexapod test, which evaluates how well the carpet retains its normal appearance under simulated foot traffic. A score of four indicates that this is a very resilient carpet, and would survive admirably in high footfall areas of your home, like the entrance to your home or your staircases.

Style: A181 - Pride & Joy

Collection : Shawmark

Price Range: $4.50 - 4.99/sq. ft. (Material Only)

Fiber: Nylon

Fiber Brand: Anso Caress w/ R2X

Stain Treatment: R2x

Width: 12' 0"

Backing: Softbac Platinum

Style Type: Loop

Face Weight: 53.60 oz./sq.yd.

Face weight is measured as per unit area of pile yarn floor coverings according to ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) method D-5848. Due to several processes involved in manufacturing, such as shearing, the actual finished weight may reflect a variance of up to 7%. The weight is determined by compensating for the factor of commercial moisture regain, as defined in ASTM D-1909. The ASTM measurements are accepted industry norms and the most accurate means of determining face weight.


On a scale of 1 to 5, this carpet receives a 4.0 on a Hexapod test, which evaluates appearance retention after simulated foot traffic.

Shaw's performance rating is based on an international test method known as Hexapod. This procedure evaluates appearance retention of carpet.

The instrument used to test the carpet is composed of a circular rotating drum with carpet placed on the inside. Also placed inside the drum is an eight-pound steel ball with six pods. As the drum rotates, the ball falls on the carpet face, simulating footsteps.

After the standard number of rotations, carpets are then assessed using the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) performance rating scale. The lowest rating of 1 means "severe change in appearance" and the highest rating of 5 means "no change in appearance." 

Available Colors:

# 00113 - Debutante

0A181 00113__Debutante

# 00114 - Cheerful Beige

0A181 00114__Cheerful_Beige

# 00115 - Ice Cream

0A181 00115__Ice_Cream

# 00120 - Beach Bum

0A181 00120_Beach_Bum

# 00131 - Fairy Dust

0A181 00131_Fairy_Dust

# 00133 - Fresh Breeze

0A181 00133__Fresh_Breeze

# 00134 - Al Fresco

0A181 00134__Al_Fresco

# 00135 - Star Gazing

0A181 00135__Star_Gazing

# 00141 - Blissful White

0A181 00141__Blissful_White

# 00150 - Sand Castle

0A181 00150_Sand_Castle

# 00274 - Honey Dipped

0A181 00274__Honey_Dipped

# 00330 - Spring Fling

0A181 00330__Spring_Fling

# 00333 - Garden Picnic

0A181 00333__Garden_Picnic

# 00392 - Safari

0A181 00392__Safari

# 00412 - Bahama Cruise

0A181 00412__Bahama_Cruise

# 00414 - Midnight Rendezvous

0A181 00414__Midnight_Rendezvous

# 00423 - Waterslide

0A181 00423__Waterslide

# 00431 - Summer Rain

0A181 00431__Summer_Rain

# 00511 - Crystal Ball

0A181 00511__Crystal_Ball

# 00631 - Rootbeer Float

0A181 00631_Rootbeer_Float

# 00711 - Imagination

0A181 00711__Imagination

# 00712 - Mellow Buff

0A181 00712__Mellow_Buff

# 00717 - Bitter Sweet

0A181 00717__Bitter_Sweet

# 00720 - Cookie Crumbs

0A181 00720___Cookie_Crumbs

# 00732 - Cocktail Party

0A181 00732__Cocktail_Party

# 00733 - Campsite

0A181 00733__Campsite

# 00750 - Slumber Party

0A181 00750__Slumber_Party

# 00752 - Cabana

0A181 00752__Cabana

# 00754 - Happy Trail

0A181 00754__Happy_Trail

# 00780 - Cookout

0A181 00780__Cookout

# 00781 - Afternoon Tea

0A181 00781__Afternoon_Tea

# 00783 - Rocking Horse

0A181 00783__Rocking_Horse

# 00794 - Autumn Fest

0A181 00794__Autumn_Fest

# 00797 - Chocolate Factory

0A181 00797__Chocolate_Factory

# 00881 - Wine Tasting

0A181 00881__Wine_Tasting

# 00930 - Candy Dish

0A181 00930__Candy_Dish

Due to recent China tariff change prices may not be accurate. Please contact us for more details while we are working on new pricing,.

To give best possible price, please call us or place an order and we will contact you right away. 1-847-749-1098

The crew worked hard, arrived on time and committed to our project until it was finished! I would highly recommend Ellegant Home Design to redo your hardwood floors, painting and/or both!

Dexter B. Customer

Great service, highly responsive, and most importantly - QUALITY WORK! Highly recommend and will use again when I redo my bathroom and backsplash the kitchen.

Wayne P. Customer

I used ElleGant for a kitchen remodel project. The ordering process was simple and I was always told exactly where and when my material would arrive. I also used them for the installation.

Michael C. Customer

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