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Introducing InHaus Sono Eclipse

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May 3rd, 2021

We are pleased to introduce the Inhaus Sono Eclipse Plank Collection, the latest generation of Sono PVC-free mineral composite core flooring. This new collection offers many of the benefits that first made it popular, but with some innovations that you’ll notice, especially when it comes to maintaining your floor.

Here’s a quick look at how the new Sono Eclipse Plank Collection will look familiar while being more durable and resilient.

What’s New – How Eclipse Differs from the Original Product

The Inhaus Sono Eclipse Plank Collection offers some of the best features that innovation has to offer.

Rethinking the Old System and Composition

The Eclipse takes a new approach to the locking system, resulting in an easier installation and more durable final product. By rethinking the design, Inhaus developed a new, enhanced locking system that is stronger than the original. Not only is it easier to install, you can now tap-down on the end joints to get a more secure and smooth flooring.

Given the numerous advances in technology,it was clear to Inhaus that the original composition could be improved with some of the latest innovations. The new core composition has the same popular colors and appearance, but it is more flexible and stable than the older products. Combined with the new locking system, your flooring will last longer and will better withstand regular wear-and-tear.

Improved Profile and Better Ingredients to Improve Maintenance and Durability

With Inhaus Sono Eclipse, you get a permanently attached low profile with a 73-psi underlayment. The product uses safer ingredients for your family, pets, or customers. It is also easier to clean, so that you don’t have to introduce strong chemicals to keep it looking great.

The new excimer is UV pre-cure, making it more resistant to the daily exposure to sunlight. It also helps to make the surface more resistant to the kinds of activities that typically result in chips and dents in your floors. From dropping your electronic devices to pet’s toenails scraping along the surface, it won’t show nearly so easily with an Eclipse floor.

New Designs

Along with improved performance, the new Inhaus Sono Eclipse options come in some beautiful new looks. All plank surfaces have digitally etched EIR, creating a much sharper appearance with 21 new designs – giving you an updated look for most of the familiar Eclipse options. This means you get a much stronger design palette to really change the look of your home or business.

Retaining the Best Benefits of the Original Product

Of course,the original product gave the manufacturer a great basis to develop their new flooring collections. All of the benefits that you’ve come to associate with Inhaus products are still present. The ingredients and composition may have changed, but the end result is a beautiful floor that is still a certified safe, PVC-free mineral composite core that will look amazing in any room. It is also 100% waterproof, dimensionally stable whether it is below freezing at -40 degrees or scorching hot, up to 150 degrees.

Each plank is designed so that the final product covers as much as 100 ft by 100 ft without having to add any transitions. This is more than enough flooring for most rooms, though if you have a larger space, you can contact us for help deciding what the right option is for your large area.

The 21 new designs have been added to the existing prints, giving you up to 51sf of a unique design without having any repeats in your floor. That helps your floor to look more like an authentically wooden, marble, or other type of floor.

Of course, it also comes with the lifetime residential, 10-year light commercial warranty that you’ve come to expect from Inhaus.

We offer the 20 new Sono Eclipse Collection colors, giving you a variety of looks to choose from. You can view the full collection below, or you can stop by our store to check out the samples.