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Homestead Retreat Hickory by Mohawk 7 in Country Natural

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  • Width7"
  • Thickness9/16-inch
  • Sqft Per Carton22.5

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Today’s flooring customer wants the beauty of wood with durability that can withstand their family’s everyday lifestyle. While there are many alternatives to wood on the market, nothing looks more like wood than wood itself. That’s why Mohawk created TecWood. Offered in four quality levels to bring beautiful, durable hardwood to consumers at a variety of price points, TecWood is designed to bring the beauty of nature into every room by pairing the color and texture of true hardwood with a scratch resistant finish.

TecWood’s plywood construction makes it perfect for installation at any level of the home while protecting planks from expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. Next time your customer asks for wood flooring that can hold up to their family’s lifestyle in any room of the house, show them TecWood.

Mohawk TecWood Engineered Wood

Wood flooring is the traditional hallmark for taste, style, and performance. TecWood is prized for its natural beauty and lasting durability, TecWood in the home makes a rich visual statement but keeps cleanup a breeze.

Truly Natural Visuals

Natural hardwood veneers create a truly premium, 100% unique floor.

Dimensional Stability

Constructed on a high-performance plank to stabilize the natural expansion and contraction of hardwood.

Long-Lasting Finishes

Features a variety of finish technologies to protect the color and appearance from scratching or dulling over time.

Durability Meets Beauty

Everyone loves the natural, timeless beauty of true wood flooring. Prized for its lasting durability and rich visuals, TecWood is the perfect combination of strength and style for all homes.

Mohawk TecWood Engineered Wood
  • Width7"
  • Thickness9/16-inch
  • Sqft Per Carton22.5
  • TextureSoftly-scraped
  • Warranty50-Year Residential Finish, 5-Year Light Commercial
  • VariationsHigh
  • FinishCrystal Shield Aluminum Oxide
  • EdgePillowed/Rolled
  • Install MethodGlue, Staple, Nail, Float
  • SpeciesHickory
  • ConstructionEngineered
  • ShadeCountry Natural

Your flooring is the foundation of your home. Mullican flooring artisans carefully craft hardwood floors so you can bring the beauty and warmth of nature into your space.

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