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Experience Reliability and Quality like Never Before

Being a leader in the market for more than 60 years, ARDEX has evolved itself in a multi-purpose brand, providing industry-leading tiling and flooring options and accessories. Over the years, we have maintained our tradition of providing top of the line products, with guarantees that comply with the latest rigidly enforced quality assurance procedures.

Why Millions Rely on ARDEX?

With decades in the industry and being the pioneer of many new technologies related to adhesives, waterproofing systems, caulks and sealants, grouting systems and more, ARDEX is the only brand to trust for professional builders, architects, floor installers and others. Our reputation speaks for itself, with thousands of our customers endorsing our claims. From durability, reliability and affordability, ARDEX encompasses all the virtues that an ideal brand should possess.

Why Millions Rely on ARDEX?


Looking for high-quality sealants, grouts or sound deadening products? Browse through the product catalogs of ARDEX to get an overview of the technologically advanced products we possess. Our compatible solutions ensure all your flooring, tiling and stone installations are fulfilled through one medium.

ARDEX - high-quality sealants, grouts or sound deadening products

A Wide Range of Top Quality Products –
Durability and Reliability at Their Best!

Since its inception, ARDEX has been committed to providing innovative products with the right installation methods to minimize time, efforts and risks while maximizing profit and results. In addition, our services include providing on-site consultation expertise to building engineers, architects, construction managers, general and special contractors and flooring installers. When you work with ARDEX, we make sure your job is completed successfully in the first go! Zero hassles and delays.
We offer a wide range of top of the line solutions and products, such as:

Tile & Stone Installation Products

Subfloor Preparation & Toppings

Grout, Caulk & Sealant products

ARDEX Grout Color Chart

  • 01Polar White
  • 02Fresh Lily
  • 03Sugar Cookie
  • 04Antique Ivory
  • 05Winter White
  • 06Classic Vanilla
  • 07Floating Driftwood
  • 08Vintage Linen
  • 09Natural Almond
  • 10Irish Créme
  • 11Barley
  • 12Wild Mushroom
  • 13Stone Beach
  • 14Chocolate Mousse
  • 15Gray Dusk
  • 16Ground Cocoa
  • 17Coffee Bean
  • 18Dove Gray
  • 19Silver Shimmer
  • 20Ocean Gray
  • 21Slate Gray
  • 22Cast Iron
  • 23Charcoal Dust
  • 24Black Licorice
  • 25Stormy Mist
  • 26Organic Earth
  • 27Azure Blue 27
  • 28Gentle Blush
  • 29Fresh Magnolia
  • 30Pink Champagne
  • 31Burnt Orange
  • 32Baked Terra Cotta
  • 33Asparagus
  • 34Summer Yellow
  • 35Brilliant White

All colors available for Ardex sanded, unsanded grouts and silicon sealants.

Due to variations in monitor types and printing processes, colors are approximate. Please refer to ARDEX Grout Kits for more accurate color comparisons. Types of tile, substrate and installation environment may cause color variation.
Download Ardex grout chart.