KAHRS Avanti Collection - Oak Lecco

$4.65 / sqft $5.80 / sqft

$4.65 / sqft $5.80 / sqft

KAHRS Avanti Collection - Oak Lecco

Product Info

Avanti - is a masterpiece of art parquet


A distinctive feature of this floor - three-strip design achieving amazing results. Parquet pattern is completely identical to the ornament of wood, which gives a special glamor and elegance of the entire interior of your home. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the WoodLoc system.

Kahrs silk matte UV-cured acrylic urethane finish takes full advantage of the wood's character by accentuating its natural, living structure. It adds durability, makes the floor easy to clean, and resists most common household stains for up to 24 hours. The finish will not yellow over time like conventional polyurethane.



CONSTRUCTION: Engineered Wood

DIMENSIONS: 95-3/8" length // 7-7/8" wide // ½" thick

EDGE PROFILE: Square Edges/Ends

INSTALL METHODS: Click Lock - Floating Floor

CAN INSTALL: On/Above Below Ground Levels

WARRANTY: 25 Year Warranty




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Oak Lecco_2

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