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We offers home and flooring installation services in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.

Whether you're looking for installation, repair, or maintenance, our flooring services cater to all your needs, delivering exceptional quality and value.

Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood floors are prized in many homes for their strikingly captivating looks, high durability standards, immunity against allergens, and easy cleaning.

As you plan to upgrade your floors, here's where hardwood flooring truly belongs:

Living Room: Hardwood communicates the lifestyle homeowners enjoy sharing when hosting family or friends gatherings. With natural looking texture, it stands up well to traffic, even if you forgo a no-shoes policy when entertaining. The occasional spill won't pose a threat to its stunning resilience.

Paired with years of warranty, its inherent jam packed charm will stay as it is for many, many years to come.

Dining Specialty: Whether you wish to keep your dining area cozy or formal, our hardwood flooring installationprovides the perfect canvas for your design plan. Try out our elegant and creamy-white tones to give the overall space an airy feel.

Office Interiors: Not limited to a particular sort of design, it blends well with a modern, cooler office design featuring contemporary metallic accents and clean or bold angles as such. It inspires very best performance in a way most materials cannot.

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Vinyl floor installation

Vinyl flooring in your home needs to begin only after the determination of the perfect sheet, tile or plank that suits your needs and budget. That is why it is very important to get help from trusted professionals who are well acquainted with the nuances of tactful vinyl floor tile installation. And we can help you with that.

Our team of professionals have been successfully and satisfactorily installing DU Chateau vinyl flooring for a long time. So, once you have picked from our range of planks, tiles or sheets, you can rely on our team for the best vinyl flooring installation in Illinois. If you want, you can also ask us for guidance regarding the kind of flooring to choose so that the design of the floors can suit your existing space and conversions. Our vinyl floor planks installation services include the supply of the floors and accessories as well.

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Laminate floor installation

Elegant home designs is up for pushing the flooring industry's boundaries with its innovative product lines, employing all kinds of new technology to generate custom looks for an ideal flooring consumer.

When you laminate wood flooring, it allows you to enjoy beautiful look and warmth of natural hardwood flooring at the most affordable prices. Moreover, laminated flooring doesn't require complicated maintenance, being the most easy-to-use flooring type. We present the large choice of laminating that is manufactured in conformity with the highest standards of quality, durability and style.

Laminate wood flooring Benefits:

  • Cost: Laminate floors are much more affordable than hardwoods, especially if what you want is a hand scraped look.
  • Easy to install: One can easily finish laminate floor installation in time with utmost precision and quality finish.
  • Durability: Laminate wooden flooring options are darn near indestructible! With gorgeous finish, such flooring seems to be an ideal battleground for your kids and pets.
  • Aesthetics & DIY friendly: Robust Aesthetics & DIY friendly attributes have made wooden laminate flooring as the most popular picks amongst homeowners.
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Tile installation

Tile installation is an art which requires utmost precision and expertise. Improper installation of tiles can ruin the entire look of a house to monumental proportions. At Elegant Home Design, we ensure to provide our clients with the best professionals who are highly trained and experienced in providing the best tile installation services in Illinois.

Our dedicated team is always more than happy to provide consultation to help you select the best and most feasible option of tiles. Most importantly, based on your need and preferences we provide our clients with a free estimate of the expected cost of work to help you plan your budget amicably.

Be it bathroom tile installation or floor tile installation a beautiful tile only enhances the grandeur of place if and only, it is installed properly. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals make sure that the entire work is completed professionally and perfectly for the desired results.

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Floor refinishing

Unlocked the beauty of your home's hardwood floors yet? When you are up with the idea of getting your home remodeled, you can't ignore the dingy wood floors. In fact, you save the floor refinishing for the last since it takes some time to dry.

Why does your home need a wood floor refinishing? That's because wood is a porous material and therefore, it will absorb moisture stripping away the old finish over time. The moment you spot scratches, and discoloration on the hardwood floors, it's time you realize the floors are due for a hardwood refinishing.

EllegantHomeDesign focuses on designing and remodeling your home in the best possible way. Our floor refinishing services are unparalleled and can add an elegant touch to your living environment. Here are the three reasons to consider refinished furniture and floor services:

  • The old hardwood will get a brand new look.
  • Refinishing the hardwood will fix all the damages such as dents or scrapes.
  • The value of your property will enhance manifolds.

Regular hardwood finishes and maintenance allows a homeowner to stay happy, feel great, and save money!

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Wood floor repairs

If you have gone to great lengths and tried to install the environmentally-friendly items in your home such as the hardwood floors, you should regularly get the wood refinishing done so as to keep them in a good shape for many years ahead.

Whenever you sense some of the unusual situations at home such as squeaky boards, gaps between the wooden planks, molds and fungus living at the corners of the floors, discoloration of hardwood, and smell of rotten wood, it is the time to call for a professional.

EllegantHomeDesigns is a trusted wood floors repairing and refinishing services provider in Chicago. We come up with intelligent wood flooring designs to help you solve your wooden flooring issues.

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Floor leveling

Floor Leveling: A versatile product that has many applications for leveling and finishing concrete floors. The majority of leveling work is carried out before placing the tiles or any other type of flooring, thus ensuring combined strength and permanency with the level of liquidity that is required for finishing the work, with minimal tools.

Floor leveling compound can be used in following situations:

  • To create a consistent, level subfloor for wood, tile, vinyl and other flooring
  • Bring a low area of a concrete floor up to the level of the surrounding flooring
  • Cover tubing for in-floor radiant heat systems
  • Form a smooth, level topping over existing concrete or plywood that is in poor condition.
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Floor heating

Floor heating is one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Floor heating systems are a lot better than forced air as the latter can make the environment uncomfortable for those who are allergic to dust or pollen.

This happens mainly because floor heating in Illinois does not make use of any ducts that can bring in dust or pollen with the blasts of forced air.

At Ellegant Home Design, you can expect an efficient team of professionals to provide floor heating services that are satisfactory and reliable at the same time. Also, you can ask us for advice on choosing the furnace, details about how the whole installation process works and ways in which you can get the best value for your money. After all, it is all about providing you with the simple luxury of warm floors every morning.

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Sound proofing floor underlayment

Are you looking for a solution to soundproof your floors? We can help by installing a sound proofing floor underlayment solution in Illinois that can offer excellent sound control and superior floor isolation.

Here are a few benefits and features of our sound underlayment solution:

  • Easy to install - Won't break down or slip while installation is on
  • Minimizes impact sound significantly
  • Doesn't promote fungus, mold, and mildew growth
  • Keeps its acoustical value by not compressing over a period of time
  • Hides floor irregularities

Our sound underlayment solutions in Illinois help in creating effective flooring systems that comply with stringent sound setting in apartments, multi-story buildings, private homes, business facilities, hotels, and condominiums.

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Waterproofing of showers

Our waterproofing services of showers in Illinois are intended to provide protection to components in and around the shower that are subject to moisture - tiled elements and shower walls. We generally use waterproofing membranes and in some cases, vapor retarders - both have minimum crack bridging qualities.

In addition to the membrane, we use other products, such as mixing and pile valve seals and water proofing strips amongst others to complete the job and ensure that the area surrounding the shower is protected against moisture as well as mold and mildew.

Our waterproofing services of showers involve installing the waterproof membrane underneath and behind the shower tiling, making sure that the moisture developing as a result of the continuous use of shower doesn’t find its way into the walls behind the shower or the tiled elements that surround it.

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Cabinet installation

Whether you are building a new home or want to remodel your current kitchen, you have a lot more options with custom cabinetry. Custom cabinets allow you to work with odd spaces, uneven elements of the room, and the large appliances.

They also let you best manage your spaces. You can add rotating shelves, segment the interior, and develop spaces that meet your unique needs. Ellegant Home Design can help you install kitchen cabinets in Chicago.

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We recently built a new home and wanted to have engineered wood flooring installed throughout the house. Ellegant was our first choice and we have never regretted making that decision! Everyone on the team was extremely professional from start to finish. I worked with Lex and her follow up was quick, Oksana and Dana were always available to support us and the installation team was awesome! Excellent craftsmen who really know what they are doing! I highly recommend Ellegant, they have s beautiful showroom with options for just about any home design project you can think of and knowledgeable staff to work with you every step of the way!
I had my kitchen backsplash redone from Ellegant Home Design a few weeks ago and I was very happy with the work that was performed in my home. Tom did a fantastic job making sure things were done to my satisfaction and their sales girl Lex was was an absolute pleasure to work with in helping me order my materials in a timely manner and answering any questions I had regarding the installation process. Later this year I will be needing some work done on the tile in my master bathroom shower and I will absolutely be hiring them again.
We had Ellegant Home Design install 1,000 sq ft of Provenza LVP in our entire 1st floor. We had a great experience! From my initial visit to the store to check out some flooring samples (they have a huge selection of various flooring) to scheduling the measure, and then the installation, EVERYONE at Ellegant was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Phone calls were returned promptly and Kevin always kept me informed of any details. They did a FABULOUS job with the installation and took care when moving our furniture. I am a very happy customer and would not hesitate to recommend them, and would also use them again ourselves!

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