SCUBA Thermo Silent Underlayment ST-46 (200 sf)


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Product Info

50 feet
10 Lbs
48 in.
200 sq. ft.
Additional Info
Sound Transmission: IIC = 72db STC = 70db ///// Water Vapor Transmission Rate: .001 LBS per 1000 sq.ft per 24 hrs.


If like many home and business owners cutting energy bills is on your agenda, then Scuba Thermo Silent is the product for you. It also has advanced water proofing technology to ensure it will stand the test of time.

Scuba Thermo Silent Underlayment measures at 2mm thick and has a silver foil thermal backing to prevent heat loss through your floor. Each roll will cover 200 sq feet and measures 48 inches wide and 600 inches long.

What's more, the product is capable of reducing noise so you can benefit from an altogether quieter room. You don't have to worry about how to install the underlayment, either, as it's easy to put in place with minimal tools required.

If you're looking for an energy bill-reducing underlayment with one of the best ratings in the industry, Scuba Thermo Silent is the right choice for you.


  • Advanced Water Proofing Technology
  • Vapor barrier: Stop ANY & ALL vapor ( No Visqueen Req. )
  • Save energy & money with maximum year round protection against heat & cold loss through your floor
  • Maximum Sound Reduction
  • One of the best ratings in the industry
  • Resilient: maintains its original structure
  • Easy to install

Basic Installation Instruction:

  1. Before you start the installation process, be sure to check for protruding nails and defects in the subfloor along with any dust or debris.
  2. Scuba thermo underlayment must be installed with the barrier (i.e., vapor or silver thermo foil barrier) facedown on subflooring. If underlayment has a barrier on either side then the silver thermo foil barrier will be faced up and the other barrier (i.e. vapor barrier) will be facedown.
  3. Install one roll of Scuba Thermo underlayment parallel to the wall and in the opposite direction you plan to install the flooring planks to reduce seams. Next, you will need to cut the underlayment with a utility knife leaving at least 2” going up the wall. Now you should install the planks but while doing this, please be sure that you are able to see the edges of the underlayment so that you can accurately line up the next roll. (Install the surface flooring according to the flooring manufacturer’s written installation instructions.)
  4. Now by butting the seams together tightly, install the next roll of Scuba Thermo underlayment. Do not allow peaking or overlapping of seams. Scuba Thermo underlayment comes standard with an overlap and tape. Make sure there are no penetrations through underlayment. If any, seal all tears or penetrations using duct tape or other utility grade polycoated cloth backed tape with an aggressive adhesive.
  5. As in step 3, please continue to install the underlayment and planks in the remainder of the room. The final 2” of the underlayment that you left on the wall will be covered by the trim or moldings.
$59.99 /piece

To give best possible price, please call us or place an order and we will contact you right away. 1-847-749-1098

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