Naturelle Vinyl Plank Collection by Adore - 3.6 x 37.4

$2.49 / sqft $2.99 / sqft

$2.49 / sqft $2.99 / sqft

Naturelle Vinyl Plank Collection by Adore - 3.6 x 37.4

Product Info
Planks per box
3.6 in. x 37.4 in.
0.12 in.
38 lb.
35.76 sq. ft. per case
FloorScore certified
Additional Info
This floor features Nano-Silver finish ( anti-microbial ), Micro Ceramic wear layer ( as tough as ceramic tile )

Naturelle is a flooring type that you're unlikely to have come across before. There's a strong emphasis on quality, while also offering the colors and designs that you are sure to want in your homes and businesses.

It comes complete with a MicroCeramic wear layer, which performs better than the aluminum oxide used by many other manufacturers. Meanwhile, the Nano-Silver antimicrobial treatment ensures the flooring stands the test of time through inherently sterilizing the panels.

If you're looking for a darker hue, then Nutmeg Oak or Ginger Oak are sure to fit the bill. At the opposite end of the scale are Reclaimed Sapwood and Canadian Maple, which will help brighten up any space.

Naturelle offers the perfect balance between traditional manufacturing experience and contemporary style, while providing value for money and high performance, It should therefore be the number one choice for your next project.

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Available colors

Honduran Mahogany - DW 6314
Honduran Mahogany - DW 6314
Roasted Chestnut - DW 5102
Roasted Chestnut - DW 5102
Butter Pecan - DW 3008
Butter Pecan - DW 3008
Custard Oak - DW 4000
Custard Oak - DW 4000

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